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eBooklets and Articles
Finding The Lord's Specific Will For Your LifeBooklet - Detailed Scripture-based GuideDownload
Marriage and the glory of GodCommentary on the devaluation of marriage in today's society and the need for Christians to understand its true purpose in God's planDownload
The Surety of Hell - The Assurance of SalvationBooklet that provides clear scriptural evidence of both hell and salvation. Extremely useful for witnessing to both the lost and the unsure.Download
Can I know for certain that I'm saved?Booklet outlining the sure evidences of salvation given in I John.Download
8-Step WitnessingBooklet outlining simple but powerful scripture-based witnessing guidelinesDownload
Biblical FundamentalismA timely definition of the God-honoring tenants of true, Biblical fundamentalismDownload
The De-Christianization of AmericaCommentary on the dramatic changes taking place within the Church and, as a result, in AmericaDownload
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