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Gracious Dogmatism
by GBC Ministry

 "There is a notion abroad that to win a man we must agree with him.  Actually the exact opposite is true.  G.K. Chesterton remarked that each generation has had to be converted by the man who contradicted it most.  The man who is going in a wrong direction will never be set aright by the affable religionist who falls in step beside him and goes the same way.  Someone must place himself across the path and insist that the straying man turn around and go in the right direction.


"There is of course a sense in which we are all in this terrible human mess together, and for this reason there are certain areas of normal activity where we can all agree.  The Christian will not disagree merely to be different, but wherever the moral standards and religious views of society differ from the teachings of Christ he will disagree flatly.  He will not admit the validity of human opinion when the Word of God is clear.  Some things are not debatable; there is no other side to them.  There is only God’s side.


"When men believe God they speak boldly.  When they doubt they confer.  Much current religious talk is but uncertainty rationalizing itself; and this they call “engaging in the contemporary dialogue.”  It is impossible to imagine Moses or Elijah so occupied.


"All great Christian leaders have been dogmatic.  To such men two plus two made four.  Anyone who insisted upon denying it or suspending judgment upon it was summarily dismissed as frivolous.  They were only interested in a meeting of the minds if the minds agreed to meet on holy ground.  We could use some gentle dogmatists these days."


Excerpt from Man, the Dwelling Place of God, A.W. Tozer, pgs 125, 126, WingSpread Publishers, Camp Hill, PA, www.wingspreadpublishers.com



I would strongly encourage you to purchase a copy of this book.  It is a compilation of some of Tozer's best writings, each as pertinent today as when they were first written, holy provocations "to love and good works" (Hebrews 10:24).


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